In The News Sideshow – 5/18/2013 Evidence emerges that Obama Administration official knew of IRS trageting (CBS News) WASHINGTON – There were new questions Saturday night concerning if anyone in the White House was aware of the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups. Inspector General Russell George said he informed a deputy at the Treasury Department in […]

In the somewhat recent events of sandy-hook and the Colorado movie theater shootings, there has been a large argument to remove peoples rights to bear arms. Personally I think that Obama needs to shut up and let the people protect themselves from armed intruders and other criminals. It will be just like prohibition if you ban guns or even assault […]

In The News Sideshow – 5/17/2013 Rob Ford Crack Scandal: mayor calls it ‘ridiculous’ but doesn’t deny it Mayor Rob Ford says allegations he was videotaped smoking a crack pipe are “ridiculous” but ignored councillors’ pleas to explicitly deny or answer questions about the Toronto Star story. Ford emerged from his office Friday and said: “Anyways, […]

Howdy partner, Nate here! Today I am going to talk about my problem with homosexuals. There are many reasons that gays should not to be able to get married. I should actually say ‘be in a partnership’, because marriage is between a husband and a wife. A big thing that makes me mad is when […]

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