Lets Get Obama Impeached!



Now we all have been hearing about the possible Obama impeachment over the past few days (And by golly I hope they do), But that won’t happen unless we do something about it. Us, the people. This is a democracy and it is run by us! Not some silly hippie that probably wasn’t even born in this country! That is why I encourage you to help me on this subject. Become a follower, and support me and make the ‘me’ into ‘us’. This is my first blog post and I hope I will make many more. Tell all your family and friends about this so we can dig this country out of national debt for our future generations! Are you in?


I will be setting up a Facebook page soon and I will alert when it comes out. Please comment! –> More About Obama’s Impeachment Below!!!


Details About Obama’s Impeachment

There are countless ways that Obama should be impeached by. Just for example, the Benghazi Scandal, The IRS Scandal(2013), YOU NAME IT! But before we can go into all of that we have to examine another president that almost got impeached, Richard Nixon. Nixon resigned from office before he could get impeached, but later we found out that if he had stayed in office he would of surely got impeached. Nixon was going to be impeached because of the Watergate Scandal, a voting scandal. But Obama’s scandals are said to be much worst than Watergate, and Obama has more than one. In Watergate no one died, but in fact in Benghazi alone 4 people died. This is why this is serious business! People lost their lives! If you are not convinced that Obama should be impeached yet, good riddance and happy new years.




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