My Problem With Homosexuals

Howdy partner, Nate here! Today I am going to talk about my problem with homosexuals. There are many reasons that gays should not to be able to get married. I should actually say ‘be in a partnership’, because marriage is between a husband and a wife. A big thing that makes me mad is when the pro gay supporters use the quote “They we’re born that way” to make it seem OK.  May I state that pedophiles are born that way, but being a pedophile is not legal. I also think its not good for our children to be influenced by that kind of culture. I know when I go to the supermarket, and I see gay men kissing I am highly offended. Finally if they for some reason decide to make gay marriage legal, they should not allow them to adopt. If a child got adopted by a gay couple it would ruin their life. They would never experience spending time with their mommy, or playing catch in their backyard with their father. Kids need both parents. And always stay good america.


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